Infor Distribution FACTS is an ideal enterprise solution for growing distribution companies who want and need to keep virtually all of their focus on core business processes.

It’s no secret that small and medium distributors like you struggle constantly to hold a place in the market. To succeed, you need to stay on top of your game at all times.

You need a solution that helps you:

  •  Respond to constant changes.

  •  Deal with increasing volume.

  •  Meet customer demands.


More than 2,000 distributors across North America trust Infor Distribution FACTS to keep their business humming. It’s the perfect solution for distributors like you who need to control costs while staying competitive.

Infor Distribution FACTS can help you:

  •  Establish successful e-commerce.

  •  Deal with expansion through acquisition.

  •  Improve cash flow.

  •  Satisfy customers.

  •  Expand into new services.