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Request a quote for Infor ERP software from the experts. For more than 40 years, Aktion Associates has delivered industry-specific ERP software and IT solutions to help businesses in the Distribution and Manufacturing industries to meet current and future challenges. Partner with a provider who knows your industry and the ERP solutions that are the backbone of your business.

Aktion Associates is the largest Infor Distribution partner in the U.S.

Industry experience to help your company get to the next level.

Training and support for CloudSuite Distribution’s common actions.

New capabilities released every thirty days with available resources.

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At Aktion, we know companies change and we know how important it is that we change with them. Staying current with the latest technology is a top priority because so many of our customers partner with us to be their technology advisor. They trust Aktion to meet current and future corporate challenges with the best ERP software solutions. 

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Providing Infor Distribution ERP Software Solutions Throughout Michigan

Looking for ERP software in Michigan that meets your distribution company’s needs? Look no further than Infor CloudSuite Distribution. Infor CloudSuite Distribution is built specifically for the needs of wholesale distributors. It’s a comprehensive enterprise solution that weaves innovation into core competencies to help you better serve customers, outpace the competition, and expand profitability. You can optimize every facet of your operations, from sales, omni-channel engagement, inventory, and warehousing, to financials, value-add services, and more. Infor solutions can help you accelerate the pace of business by managing transactions with unparalleled visibility across the enterprise, allowing for better informed and faster decision-making. Find out more about Infor ERP Distribution.

Why Partner With Aktion Associates?

Wholesale distributors’ technology strategies are evolving. To stay competitive, distributors are transforming their operations and partnering with Aktion to architect a modern technology strategy.

What makes Aktion unique?
• We’re the largest Infor ERP Distribution partner in Michigan.
• We deliver high-level consultative services addressing business process improvement, including industry best practices and innovative technology solutions.
• For ERP software implementations, our proprietary Lean Implementation process ensures a successful go-live.
• We’re a nationally-recognized cloud and managed services provider solely focused on the distribution industry.

Aktion is a trusted technology provider who delivers everything a distributor in Michigan needs to drive transformation.

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