Infor Compass Ensures Long-Term Value for Infor FACTS and A+ Customers

April 5, 2022
Phil Maehr

Long-term value creation for A+ and FACTS ERP customers is at the center of Infor’s recent rollout of Compass. Starting January Jan. 1, 2022, all FACTS and A+ customers are now supported by this Infor group. This strategy aligns perfectly with Aktion’s existing position which has always been to support our A+ and FACTS customers for as long as they choose to use the software.

Headed by Bill Vellante, the vision of Infor Compass is to:

  • provide a prescriptive path for A+ and FACTS customers to extend the benefit of their investment with Infor
  • position the capabilities and knowledge of Infor employees to support the long-term value creation to customers, while extending their growth within Infor


What Compass Means to A+ and FACTS Customers

Customers can move at a pace that works best for their business. There’s no rush for A+ and FACTS users to migrate to Infor CSD. Customers may remain on their current heritage software for as long as they want, and Infor will continue to provide support including bug fixes through Compass.

The Infor Compass team is comprised of Infor personnel who know A+ and FACTS and are focused on product direction, support and on delivering an outcome-based customer experience.

Together, Infor and Aktion have the structure in place to support this valued customer set for as long as they choose to use the software.

Our strongest sources of value are:

  • deep product and unique industry expertise
  • a commitment to business growth
  • operational excellence that delivers customer value

The bottom line is Aktion’s A+ and FACTS customers have complete peace of mind. They can remain on the current heritage software and receive complete support with Infor Compass and, when the time is right, partner with Aktion to start the journey to a modern business operation.