Is your server room a maze of tangled cables and outdated equipment, causing performance issues and posing potential security threats? It’s time for a remarkable transformation, and Aktion is here to be your reliable partner for this crucial task.

At Aktion, we fully comprehend the pivotal role your server room plays in your everyday operations. We also understand that not every IT team or business has the capability to consistently prioritize maintaining an optimal physical environment for their computing and communication devices. That’s precisely why we have devised a tailored project to completely revamp your server room into a flawlessly organized, high-performing, and secure hub for your IT infrastructure.

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Aktion’s Managed Infrastructure and Cloud Services (MICS) division can provide solutions focused on hardware, security, monitoring, management, servers, storage, barcoding, and even desktops/laptops/tablets.  Ensuring that your endpoints and WAN connectivity meet established standards is a high priority when accessing mission-critical hosted applications. It ensures reliability, consistent performance, and scalability, reducing the risk of costly downtime or application latency.  Download the full resource to see Aktion’s recommendations.  

Tracking manufacturing metrics to improve operations is nothing new to manufacturers, but they may be unknowingly disrupting their efforts. Data issues, lack of strategic vision, missing benchmarks, and a focus on lagging indicators all can contribute to a lack of business improvement. Other improvement-stalling contributors include metrics that don’t support corporate goals and too many metrics can also lead to an inability to focus on what is important.

In this playbook, you will learn how to look at the metrics that really matter.

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IBM Power is built for core enterprise applications and the next wave of digital transformation fueled by application modernization.
Aktion specializes in designing and installing high-performance infrastructures for businesses of all sizes.

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This Acumatica User Forum is focused on the Acumatica Always Current Program and Upgrade Management. We dive into the process of an upgrade, what the Always Current Program is, and how to publish your own customizations.

Features and Highlights:


Selecting the right ERP system for your business is difficult with hundreds of manufacturing ERP options.

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition provides unparalleled manufacturing depth for production, estimating, engineering, material planning, scheduling, product configuration, and manufacturing data collection.

With Acumatica Payroll, you can eliminate the cost of maintaining an interface to an external payroll system and benefit from time flowing seamlessly across Acumatica financials, project accounting, costing, business intelligence, distribution, manufacturing, construction, and field service.


As the labor crisis continues to wreak havoc on businesses worldwide, Acumatica tackles underlying issues to lessen its impact. The modern ERP solution helps companies reduce their labor needs by streamlining routine processes with automation and artificial intelligence infused with machine learning. In addition, companies use Acumatica to forecast labor needs for routine operations and projects.


This eBook provides an overview of Automated Data Capture (ADC) technologies and a framework for planning and executing ADC implementation projects to streamline warehouse and shop floor data collection. Discover how to boost efficiency, save money, minimize data errors, and streamline business processes with Acumatica Manufacturing Edition.



Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is a full-suite, cloud-native ERP application that provides manufacturers with the tools and technologies to improve efficiency, decrease costs, generate leads, and increase revenue to grow and transform their businesses effectively in the new digital economy.

This eBook outlines 9 ways Acumatica helps manufacturers grow.