“One of the biggest benefits is that we feel like we acquired an entire IT team with Aktion. If we need support, we know it is only a phone call away.”

IT Manager Karue Andrews


IT Manager, Karue Andrews from George J. Howe Company, a large wholesale distributor of coffee, candy & nuts and Infor FACTS user since the 1990’s, talks about why they chose to partner with Aktion to host their FACTS environment inside Aktion’s Cloud.

Watch the video. If you’re a distributor using Infor FACTS looking for a cloud ready solution built for your industry, Aktion can help. Contact an Aktion Infor Distribution Solutions expert to schedule a free discussion and learn more.

Infor releases new enhancements monthly for CloudSuite Distribution (SX.e). These frequent updates and enhancements are great for your users.

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Gain valuable insight into your business-critical data inside an easy to customize platform with MITS BI by White Cup now available for Infor Distribution A+, FACTS, and CloudSuite Distribution (SX.e) users.

Discover MITS’ rich BI and reporting features – watch White Cup’s Business Development Vice President, Brian Friedle as he showcases the product in this Aktion exclusive session.

Acumatica Retail-Commerce Edition gives retailers end-to-end functional depth. Simplify your workflows with one single back-office suite. Acumatica supports web and mail orders, telesales as well as in-store purchases. Learn why so many small and midsize businesses across retail, wholesale and manufacturing rely on Acumatica to delight and retain customers. The Acumatica Retail and eCommerce ERP offers customers a multi-channel ordering experience and a complete view of your business from order automation to fulfillment.

Get the datasheet for Acumatica Retail-Commerce Edition here.

Acumatica’s role-based ERP software is designed for the way distribution and commerce professionals like you operate today. The flexible architecture and added capabilities mean you get easy customization. Be sure all your business operations share the same data, because information should be available anytime and anywhere. Get an eCommerce System Evaluation Checklist here to better understand the importance of selecting the best ERP for your business.

Read how Acumatica empowers your distribution and commerce leaders with role-based dashboards and real-time data.

eCommerce is here to stay but it cannot stand alone. This is why tight integration between your eCommerce platform and your ERP is mandatory. You can draw customers in and retain them for years to come. This whitepaper covers the tips for what to look for in your eCommerce integration. You’ll also learn why Acumatica Retail and eCommerce is the choice for delivering a superior online experience to your customers.

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The efficiency of your eCommerce business depends upon the back office system you select today. You need a system that works seamlessly with your eCommerce website. This checklist can help you compare the ERP features you need to be successful now and for years into the future. The Acumatica Retail and eCommerce ERP offers customers a multi-channel ordering experience and a complete view of your business from order automation to fulfillment.

Download the Acumatica eCommerce System Evaluation Checklist to learn more.

You’ve been using your FACTS application for years and it fits many of your current business needs. But what if you could do more?

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In today’s fast-changing environment, moving applications to the cloud can be a key driver for organizational agility – yet uncertainties about the cloud are paralyzing decision-makers from taking the leap.

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Your sales team is always on the go working to close as many deals as possible. However, while on the go they may not have access to important information that could make the difference in closing some of their biggest deals.

Give your sales team a clear view of every touch point across an organization with Infor Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Watch this half-hour on-demand webinar to find out how you can better enable your mobile sales team inside of an Infor native CRM platform.

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