See why wholesale distributors, retailers and eCommerce businesses depend on role-based ERP software to manage every aspect of their operations. With Acumatica, you get best-in-class financials, robust inventory, flexible order management and native retail and commerce storefront connectors. Streamline operations and connect your people, processes and data across the entire organization. This Acumatica infographic illustrates the ways that wholesale distributors and retailers like you use this powerful ERP software to manage and consolidate omnichannel sales orders.

Optimize your business with science-based pricing recommendations based on historical behavior, scientific analysis, and impartial evaluations. Taking the guesswork out of pricing can fuel your bottom-line savings.

Infor releases new enhancements monthly for CloudSuite Distribution (SX.e). These frequent updates and enhancements are great for your users.

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Midwest Wheel, a fast-growing small- and medium-size business (SMB) known as one of the largest truck part distributors in the midwest United States, switched from a vertical specialist to Infor CloudSuite Distribution and now successfully automates a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) and field service offering with a one-person IT team.

This case study proves that SMBs need the same tools and automation that large enterprises do and that Infor cloud ERP is a fit at both ends of the market, for even the smallest of IT teams.

The team at Marco Supply knew they needed to either upgrade the current ERP or move to a new solution. “We embarked on a full evaluation and decided to stay with the Infor family, who we knew could fulfill multiple current needs for us including CRM and analytics. We also wanted a partner with a history of investment in innovation. Having our ERP, CRM, BI, and other solutions all under one umbrella simplifies so much for us,” says Mike Love, Executive VP, Marco Supply Company.

Learn about Marco Supply’s journey to the cloud and why they chose Infor CloudSuite Distribution’s comprehensive suite of solutions specifically designed for wholesale distributors.

Knowledge is power. You need the power of real-time reporting and intelligence tools to make informed decisions, complete projects and resolve problems more efficiently. Acumatica combines its award-winning ERP platform and customizable reporting engine with leading business intelligence to streamline operations and ignite innovation.

Read a new Acumatica Solution Brief to learn more about the robust tools that amplify your reporting flexibility all without having to be a computer programmer. To access more Acumatica content be sure to visit Aktion’s Acumatica Featured Video Resource page where you’ll find frequently updated and subject-specific video shorts on demand.

“CloudSuite Distribution has made our lives easier by removing redundant tasks and being able to access the software anywhere, anytime in the cloud.”

Matt Twomey, President 

Electrical Terminal Service an Electrical Distributor out of Clawson, MI has been in business for more than 25 years. President, Matt Twomey noticed that they’ve used the same technology for a long time and it has become outdated. Matt looked for a cloud-based solution that offered new and different capabilities for a growing distributor. That solution was Infor CloudSuite Distribution.

Watch this video to hear how with CloudSuite Distribution, Electrical Terminal Service was able to decrease their warehouse inventory by over 10% without affecting the deliverability to their customers.

Selecting an ERP system to run your business is a daunting decision that will affect your company for years to come. Many products offer the same or similar features and it can be confusing to sort out what’s essential and what’s not. Go here to learn more about the many Acumatica ERP features and benefits.

Use this Acumatica ERP System Evaluation Checklist to compare the features and benefits of ERP vendors across five categories.

The pandemic changed the landscape of the distribution industry and accelerated the need for change. A survey conducted by MDM and Infor® found that distributors who invested in technology before and during the pandemic kept moving forward.

In this report, you will learn:

The bottom line is that with the “new normal” coming into effect, customer demands have changed and the need for technology transformation has never been more important for distributors.

Watch our video short titled, “Acumatica User Forum: Generic Inquiries” to learn when and how to use this important Acumatica functionality. Acumatica ERP lets your teams stay connected with a powerful, cloud-based platform. To learn more visit the Acumatica website.