Family- owned and operated since 1955, Stucco Supply Co. is a full-service plastering and drywall building materials yard and home to Superior Stucco’s manufacturing facility and headquartered in San Mateo, California, they are one of the oldest manufacturers of stucco finishes in Northern California and offers finishes by the Superior Stucco brand. In addition to the exterior stucco finishes, they also offer specialty products, such as Uniwall, Foam-Tite, interior veneer finishes, plastering products, and more.

Read their story of how with Aktion’s help they moved from their previous on-premise system to achieving newfound growth with Infor CloudSuite Distribution.

OldcastleAPG is a leading building materials supplier and for the past 30 years has set the standard for helping consumers and industry professionals to craft their vision from concept to installation.

Read this case study from Infor to see how Oldcastle overcame challenges such as, moving on from their legacy ERP, overcoming challenges from competitors and legacy IT systems.

There are several misconceptions that hold distributors back from modernization, and from moving their ERP system into the cloud. Modern ERP systems provide a live view into what is happening and how it impacts your business today, as well as in the months and years to come—allowing you to focus on the future instead of the past.

Read this case study to learn how making the decision to upgrade your current ERP to a cloud-based solution can change your whole business and model and grow your business.

Endries International, a family-owned fastener distributor in Northeastern Wisconsin has always been focused on anticipating and fulfilling customer needs. But after soon realizing they had outgrown their current warehouse management solution they began searching for a product that would meet their needs.  Having previous experience with Infor and it’s services, they knew this would be the correct partnership.

Read this story on how they worked with Infor to build a best-of-breed solution for their business, and increased productivity across their business lines.

With ever-increasing business complexity, planning your company’s financial future doesn’t have to be uncertain.  With the right business planning and analytics platform planning is faster, less of an administrative burden and can be more connected for your entire organization.

Join Phocas AE, Divya Orr to learn why streamlining your budget processes no longer have to be a burden.

Join UnForm Sales Executive, Paul Boushell to learn more about UnForm’s Image Manager is a powerful yet affordable solution that automates the capture of either scanned or electronic documents for submission to UnForm’s Document Archive (and IDM). These flexible capabilities are not limited to specific business processes and can be applied across your entire organization.

Join Unilog & Aktion in this webinar where we will guide you through the modern customer’s purchase journey while illustrating how your eCommerce site should be designed to effectively support your customers.

Whether you are thinking about beginning your eCommerce journey, just starting out, or looking to refine your approach, this webinar will give you the insights and tools you need to thrive in the eCommerce landscape.

To ensure a seamless and engaging B2B eCommerce experience, it’s essential to incorporate key features that enhance each phase of the buyer’s journey. Use this checklist to evaluate your existing eCommerce site or as a guide when selecting a new eCommerce solution provider.

Tanguy Materiaux is family-owned wholesale distribution business in the west of France with revenues of over €250M, comprising 17 companies, 63 branches and 950 employees. Like most distributors they face the ongoing challenges of the new competitive digital marketplace, daily maintenance and legacy on-prem systems.

Read this case study on how with the help of Infor Tanguy learned how to streamline operations and bring cost under control.

A+ users know that as they move into the new digital landscape, the need to adapt is paramount. The challenges of customer expectations, complex order fulfillment and cyber security are always on your mind.

If you are concerned with the functionality of Infor A+ and how it aligns with your business needs, watch this webinar hosted by Aktion Distribution Industry Expert Rob Dallas. Learn how you can successfully navigate this new digital revolution and move your business forward with Infor CloudSuite Distribution.


If you are concerned with the functionality of Infor A+ and how it aligns with your business needs, watch this webinar to learn how you can successfully navigate this new digital revolution.