In the ever-evolving construction industry, staying ahead is not just an option, but a necessity. Having access to reliable financial management is crucial for thriving construction organizations.  As your business continues to grow, it may be time to consider migrating to Sage Intacct Construction.

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Competition in your industry is ever evolving with the new digital landscape. Businesses are recognizing the pivotal role of technology in their operations. Companies are increasingly dependent on technology to oversee projects, manage client interactions, and stay on top of industry developments. The challenge of managing IT infrastructure and ensuring seamless operations poses a significant demand on both time and effort.

To maintain the competitive advantage, many firms are recognizing the value of partnering with a Managed Services Provider to enhance and update their technology infrastructure without losing control of their IT budgets.

Discover the Top 5 reasons to partner with a Managed Services provider to gain success in your competitive industry.

Transform Your Business with a Modern Accounting Solution

Is QuickBooks holding back your financial management capabilities?  If you haven’t made the switch to a construction focused solution, now’s the time!  Sage Intacct Construction is a cloud-based accounting solution built to the handle the specific reporting needs of construction companies.  This short video highlights Sage Intacct Construction’s reporting capabilities, including customizable dashboards with drill-down capability and detailed data analysis, a centralized report center, and dimensional reporting.

Intact’s robust reporting capabilities enable users to identify trends, forecast future scenarios, and plan growth paths confidently, ensuring efficient and profitable business operations.

Download Sage’s video, “Outgrowing QuickBooks Reporting,” and see how Sage Intacct Construction can take your business to new heights.

Sage Field Operations (SFO), integrated with Sage Intacct Construction, provides construction organizations with a powerful tool to efficiently manage their job workflows. By equipping the field team with crucial on-site information and streamlining communication with the office, SFO can help improve work quality, increase efficiency, and enhance profitability. Integrating SFO with Sage Intacct Construction can also help you deliver exceptional service, retain clients, and win new business.

What makes SFO unique is its comprehensive solution for both back-office and field team functionality, combined with the leading accounting platform of Sage Intacct. This ensures that all employees are working with the same data in real-time, giving your team access to the latest information at all times.

If you want to learn more about how SFO can transform your construction management, download our eBook today.

Are you struggling to manage your contacts, track leads, create estimates, and collect vendor bids?  Sage Construction Management can help you streamline your operations and maximize the efficiency of your company. This new solution was built to handle pre-construction, project management, and finances for construction companies large and small.  Download this on-demand webinar to learn more.

Is your server room a maze of tangled cables and outdated equipment, causing performance issues and posing potential security threats? It’s time for a remarkable transformation, and Aktion is here to be your reliable partner for this crucial task.

At Aktion, we fully comprehend the pivotal role your server room plays in your everyday operations. We also understand that not every IT team or business has the capability to consistently prioritize maintaining an optimal physical environment for their computing and communication devices. That’s precisely why we have devised a tailored project to completely revamp your server room into a flawlessly organized, high-performing, and secure hub for your IT infrastructure.

Download the guide to learn how you can elevate your server room to new heights.

Aktion’s Managed Infrastructure and Cloud Services (MICS) division can provide solutions focused on hardware, security, monitoring, management, servers, storage, barcoding, and even desktops/laptops/tablets.  Ensuring that your endpoints and WAN connectivity meet established standards is a high priority when accessing mission-critical hosted applications. It ensures reliability, consistent performance, and scalability, reducing the risk of costly downtime or application latency.  Download the full resource to see Aktion’s recommendations.  

Access your Financial and Operational data in real-time

More than 50,000 construction customers trust Sage to provide real-time visibility, reporting, and valuable insights. As your organization expands, manual processes can drain your productivity and make analyzing your business increasingly challenging. Sage Intacct Construction is specifically designed to address all your financial needs and seamlessly integrate with your critical systems. With Sage Intacct Construction, you gain access to customizable reporting features, streamlined multi-entity consolidation, a powerful dimensional general ledger, user-friendly dashboards, and so much more.

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Discover the power of Sage Intacct’s suite of tools that reveal the intricate workings of your financials, from strategic decision-making to day-to-day accounting processes. With robust dashboard and reporting features, effortlessly monitor, analyze, and report on your financial performance. These essential dashboards and reporting capabilities are a game-changer for businesses looking to take control of their finances, make informed data-driven decisions, and comply with accounting and reporting standards. Gain a comprehensive view of your financial data and empower your organization to swiftly and accurately adapt to ever-changing financial conditions.

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Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate provides you with quick access to critical data and the ability to make informed decisions to keep projects moving and profits improving. Learn how to personalize your reports, manage projects and labor, get proactive alerts using MyAssistant, and much more.

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