Sage BidMatrix is a cloud-based bid analysis tool designed to facilitate quick and confident bid closure. It eliminates uncertainty by instantly analyzing intricate subcontractor and vendor bids in construction estimates. With multi-user functionality, it allows for effortless collaboration from any location. Sage BidMatrix simplifies the complexities of managing inclusions and exclusions, identifying vulnerable areas, and mitigating risks. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive audit trail of all additions and modifications within each bid package.

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Sage Construction Management for Sage 300 CRE is a comprehensive solution for all construction management needs.  It facilitates streamlined construction operations from pre-construction to project management to finance.  This integration ensures consistency of critical data such as job cost codes, estimates, and contracts across both platforms. This brochure provides detailed information about data synchronization between the systems, including contact management, projects, contracts, procurement, accounts payable, payment processing, and more.

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Sage Construction Management, combined with Sage 100 Contractor, streamlines the entire construction process from the initial pre-construction phase through to project management and financial oversight. This integration ensures consistency of critical data like job cost codes, estimates, and contracts across both platforms. This brochure provides detailed information about the seamless data synchronization between the systems, including contact management, project oversight, contract administration, procurement, accounts payable, payment processing, and more.

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This brief video outlines three compelling reasons why construction companies are transitioning to Sage Intacct Construction. Sage Intacct Construction, a true cloud-based solution, allows you to access your data from any location at any time. With Intacct, you can utilize dashboards and reports that can be customized for specific employee roles, offering access to anyone. Additionally, you can take advantage of drill-down capabilities to dive into your dashboards and reports to view transactions.  Take a few minutes to learn more about Sage Intacct Construction and see how it can improve your business operations.

Your success depends on your ability to efficiently manage your operations, projects, and resources. Paper processes and outdated systems simply won’t cut it. Sage Field Operations (SFO) for Sage Intacct Construction will help you complete projects on time and within budget.


By implementing this technology, you can maintain consistency in your business operations and ensure that your labor is productive and profitable.

Sage Intacct Construction provides foundational tools to gather information and accomplish tasks effectively. As a cloud-based accounting solution, it provides extensive analytics, offering deep insights into company operations. The system also supplies unlimited dashboard customization and functionality capabilities. 

 Sage Intacct provides seamless consolidation of company data to identify frequent trends, opportunities for growth, and projections for future business operations. While other systems are reliant on external tools for visibility, Sage Intacct is equipped with built-in tools to display concise source data. 

Now is the perfect time to transition to a solution tailored specifically for your construction needs! Check out this short video highlight to see how Sage Intacct is second to none in its measurement capabilities and functionality. 

Are you looking for a way to enhance your reporting and budgeting capabilities with Acumatica? Do you want to leverage the power and flexibility of Excel without sacrificing the accuracy and security of your data? If so, watch our on-demand webinar where we will show you how Velixo can help you achieve your goals.

In this video, you will learn how Velixo can be used to automate your business, with the goal to save significant time and money and improve your decision-making processes.


Watch the on-demand webinar focusing on effective project management strategies and tools. In this session, we dive into key topics such as:


In the ever-evolving construction industry, staying ahead is not just an option, but a necessity. Having access to reliable financial management is crucial for thriving construction organizations.  As your business continues to grow, it may be time to consider migrating to Sage Intacct Construction.

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Competition in your industry is ever evolving with the new digital landscape. Businesses are recognizing the pivotal role of technology in their operations. Companies are increasingly dependent on technology to oversee projects, manage client interactions, and stay on top of industry developments. The challenge of managing IT infrastructure and ensuring seamless operations poses a significant demand on both time and effort.

To maintain the competitive advantage, many firms are recognizing the value of partnering with a Managed Services Provider to enhance and update their technology infrastructure without losing control of their IT budgets.

Discover the Top 5 reasons to partner with a Managed Services provider to gain success in your competitive industry.