How to Grow Your Business with a Proven Estimating Database

January 19, 2022
Perry Reiter

Today, most general contractors subcontract out up to 80-100% of their work. In a competitive bid, or design/build project, the race is to find qualified sub-trades that can cover the scope of work on projects. It’s not just dollar comparisons, but also “scope checking” the sub’s “quantities of systems so you can qualify the validity of their “price.”

Here are some common examples of this:

  • LF of curb and gutter
  • SY of paving
  • CY of concrete
  • SF or LF of finishes

How do you prepare your estimate, and “scope check” your subcontractors (subs)?

At Aktion Associates, we created a Divisions 1-48 specifications driven estimating database for Sage Estimating. Our estimating database has 4,653 Spec Sections as cost items, waiting for you to enter the price from “scoped checked” subs on bid day. Beyond Spec Section items, we also created 260 Scope Check items to check quantities, which are expandable.

Here is Aktion’s quick and easy process using our Division 1-48 Spec Section Database.

  • Go through your project Spec Book & Drawings. Pick those exact spec sections from our Sage Estimating database list, ready for bid day. Hand that list to your support staff to start the subcontractor solicitation process. You can also template estimates that pre-selects spec sections as well.
  • It is imperative you have good sub coverage by Spec Section. A minimum of 3 subs, but ideally, 4 to 8 subs per spec section. This is a “critical” step.
  • Start scope takeoff of systems in critical areas, so you have the ability to “scope check” and “compare” sub “quantities”, as well as “price” on bid day.
  • Now, you should have time to communicate with your SUBS regarding scope of work, and start filtering them. I can’t tell you how many times I hear that General Contractors miss this critical step. This communication gives you the opportunity and ability to make sure your SUB bids are, “Apples to Apples.” You are in total control when your process is streamlined with Aktion efficiencies, becoming a well-tuned, and successful machine.
  • Once you check scope quantities and compare the quotes you receive; select which SUB per spec section is best for your bid, and enter that SUB price directly into Sage Estimating.

Grow your business with Aktion’s proven Specifications Estimating Database, paired with the most widely used estimating platform in the United States, Sage Estimating.  This combination becomes the major difference between you and your competition. Best of all, Sage Estimating integrates with all Sage Construction Accounting products. With Aktion Associates, you get real fast, and real easy solutions that produce winning results.