Today’s distribution and manufacturing companies are sourcing and selling globally, while having to maintain localized availability and customer service levels. Faced with expanding inventories, geographies, and value-added services, they must seek new ways of adding value to their customers and, at the same time, maintain profitability. Problem is, they have to do more with less across an increasingly complex operating environment.


Aktion Associates offers our customers a full suite of products that are meeting today’s IT challenges.  We have a deep understanding of complex ERP systems, current CRM integration capabilities, and leading edge eCommerce solutions.


Built on the world’s best cloud and mobile technology, Acumatica delivers a suite of fully-integrated manufacturing, distribution and project accounting applications for businesses looking for modern enterprise software powered by the cloud.

Infor Distribution A+

The leading IBM i® distribution management solution specifically designed to help distributors run an efficient, end-to-to-end operation. Delivers integration to every department, giving you visibility, speed, and flexibility to manage change.

Infor Distribution FACTS

Designed for small and medium distributors to help you respond to constant changes, manage increasing volume, and meet customer demands to stay competitive while controlling costs and focusing on core business processes.

Infor Distribution Sx.e

Improve profitability and boost operational efficiency by streamlining processes with Infor Distribution SX.e. unique capabilities.

Infor CloudSuite Distribution

Modernize your business and take it to the next level with Infor CloudSuite™ Distribution. This ready-to-run solution, built specifically to meet the needs of distributors


With software applications tailored to both (B2B) and (B2C) environments, our engineers will design a solution that lets you run your entire e-commerce business more efficiently, while driving more traffic to your store, converting shoppers into buyers.


Complex pricing, multi-channel sales, procurement optimization, efficient warehouse operations– modern distribution companies meet these challenges by incorporating modern technology solutions into their complex organizations.