A Dual Threat: Customer Advocacy with Aktion and Acumatica

December 21, 2021
Bob Black

The many ways Aktion is invested in your business.

The Acumatica platform continues to evolve to meet the needs of users. This modern, cloud-based solution makes changes easy. It’s architected for flexibility, adaptations and growth. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Aktion and Acumatica community.

Both Aktion and Acumatica are great resources for understanding the New Releases and the Independent Software Vendor (ISVs) applications that are available to you. Whether you need advanced business intelligence, project management tools or document management, there are so many choices to help you extend your current Acumatica solution. Then there are the excellent new features and releases that Acumatica comes out with a few times a year. The last Acumatica 2021 R2 came out in the fall to great reviews, with users enjoying the many upgrades available to them.

Our current Acumatica customers may already know the deployment choices you have with Aktion. Whether you’re in the Acumatica Cloud or a private cloud setting, there are other options available to you as well. Aktion prides itself on having two, privately owned data centers. As a result, many of our customers trust Aktion to host their software applications in our cloud environment. Not only can this avoid expensive server replacements, but Aktion also has an entire team of engineers to set up, train and support your technology needs.

Additionally, with our proprietary Lean Implementation program, we provide you with a proven process for goal-setting and measuring progress. From the start of each implementation, customers regularly meet with the Aktion team to discuss and reevaluate expectations. The overall goal is to reduce the time period it takes for your go-live.  We strive to increase project delivery both on time and on budget to earn your trust as a trusted IT provider. Finally, during the go-live interview, we ask for a Net Promoter Score, or overall level of satisfaction with your implementation.  “Our objective is to conduct a brief overview of your implementation experience. Our intent is to establish a consistent, repeatable process to better serve our customers,” explained Aktion’s Director of Service, Gary Kirstein.

We’re here to support you and be a partner in helping you build a modern IT infrastructure. Aktion’s team of technology experts provides you with valuable and wide-ranging resources. It’s a great time to be an Aktion AND an Acumatica customer.