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Aktion Associates has been providing industry-specific software and solutions for over 40 years to help businesses in the Architecture, Engineering, and Professional Services Industries address present and future obstacles. We are an ideal partner, possessing a deep understanding of your industry and the solutions that can optimize your business. If you’re interested in learning more or obtaining a quote for Deltek ERP software, contact our experts today. 


Several software solutions available specifically for Architecture, Engineering and Professional Services Industries.

Extensive industry experience to help your company improve project management and productivity.

Training and support for Deltek ERP from experienced consultants, plus access to a full-service IT consulting team and a robust portfolio of services


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Partnering with Aktion Associates means you’re teaming up with one of the largest Deltek ERP software partners in North America. Staying up-to-date with cutting-edge technology is a top priority for Aktion, ensuring that they remain at the forefront of their industry. Customers rely on Aktion to be their trusted technology advisor, empowering them to meet present and future corporate challenges with ease. With personalized recommendations tailored to your company’s needs, you can trust that Aktion will provide the best solutions to improve your business. Take the first step to working with an expert in the Architecture, Engineering, and Professional Services Industries by contacting Aktion today.

Providing Deltek ERP Solutions

Are you in search of a Deltek ERP software partner to assist you in selecting the best software solution? Aktion provides a range of software options to suit various requirements. With each option designed to enhance your workflow and save you valuable time, you’ll be able to optimize your business operations. Deltek ERP offers a variety of tools, from project and financial management to network engineering, software engineering, and application and industry consulting, empowering you to streamline your operations. With complete control of your projects and financials in one place, you can maximize efficiency with ease. Let Deltek ERP software from Aktion be the solution that transforms your business.

Why Partner With Aktion Associates?

Aktion is an ideal partner for those seeking to leverage the power of Deltek ERP software, offering unparalleled expertise, complete IT solutions, a comprehensive IT consulting team, and a wide range of software options to meet customer needs.

What Makes Aktion Unique?

  • We know the Architecture, Engineering, and Professional Services Industries.
  • We deliver high-level consultative services addressing business process improvement, including industry best practices and innovative technology solutions.
  • Our proprietary Lean Implementation process ensures a successful launch of your Deltek ERP software.

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Ready to start your modernization journey? Let’s get started. Contact Aktion, your Deltek ERP Software partner, and together we’ll architect a plan for success.  Get a quote today. 


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