Copier stops scanning to Windows Server/Workstations Upgrade

April 4, 2020
Rod Hatley

Why will my existing multi-function copier

not send files to my new Windows OS?

As we have been upgrading workstations and servers over the past couple of years, one of the things we might overlook in the upgrade plans is the impact on network devices.  Some of these network devices have been in use for many years.  Like Windows 7 they worked great and are not giving any outward signs of problems.  With the move to updated operating systems (OS) from Microsoft, problems may occur trying to connect to these older devices.

A common problem we experience is with scanning to a network share on a new Windows server or workstation from an older copier.  The copier may have been able to do this with the previous Microsoft OS (running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008), but with the new OS (Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016+), it does not work.

The root cause is commonly caused by Microsoft deprecating (and removing) Server Message Block v1 (SMBv1) from Windows servers and workstations starting in late 2017.  All versions of Windows since 2006 include the more updated (and more secure) versions of  SMBv2.  SMBv1 goes back to the early days of Windows and several security issues / problems have come to light since then.  Windows XP and Server 2003 were the last versions of Windows that required SMBv1 to function and those went out of support in 2013 and 2014 respectively.  Since 2017, SMBv1 has been removed with upgrades and updates.  This removal can cause connectivity issues with devices that only support SMBv1.

What are my options?

There are two options in order of priority:

  1. Update the copier.  Commonly updating the firmware in the copier will add SMBv2 support.  SMBv2 has been around since 2006, so if a firmware update does not address this, it may be a sign to replace the copier.  Check with the company that supports your copier to see what options you may have in this regard.
  2. Add SMBv1 back into Windows.  This is not preferable, but can be done to get the system working again until you can address via option 1.  This must be done on each system that the copier directly connects to.  This is not preferable since this opens the system to other potential issues due to the deprecated nature of SMBv1.

The above described issues to not impact these copiers from scanning to an email mailbox.  Scanning to email has it’s own challenges, but SMBv1 is not used in that communications process.

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