Three words describe our industries of focus. Build. Distribute. Make.


Build refers to companies in the Construction, Real Estate and Architecture industries.


Distribute refers to companies in the Supply Chain/Distribution industry.


Make refers to companies in the Manufacturing industry.


For more than 35 years, Aktion Associates has invested in understanding these industries and the business-critical technologies needed to support them. The ROI has been significant. Thousands of companies in these industries reward us with their business. They view Aktion as a trusted business and technology adviser. They ask for guidance in architecting the strategic direction of internal IT.


We value these relationships. For us, education is a dynamic process. We continually invest in learning everything there is to know about these industries. The partnership that develops is long-standing and rewarding.




Aktion’s approach to Cloud computing is to deliver a cost-effective solution that allows customers to “rent” a shared technology infrastructure from Aktion and “own” the software. Customers continue to have all the benefits of using their software, without the burden of installing, configuring, running, and updating the application. The shared infrastructure means it works like a utility: customers only pay for what they need, upgrades are automatic, and scaling up or down is easy.

  • Fully redundant local and wide area networks including dual connections provided by two different providers ‐ ensuring fast network connectivity and redundancy regardless of volume peaks, 100% uptime, and instant response for hosted business applications and servers.
  • Uninterrupted power: The Network Operations Center (NOC) is powered by highly redundant and efficient systems. The systems are backed up by generators that can keep the site running at full load for 24 hours with hot refuel capability, without requiring power from any direct electric grid. The parallel UPS systems with battery backup are redundantly supplied by diversely distributed utility.
  • Redundant cooling: The NOC is equipped with a full data‐grade HVAC system – maximizing the equipment’s performance and ensuring continuous operations.
  • Fire Protection: An early warning fire suppression system with both smoke and high temperature detectors are installed in the NOC, as well as a Dry Pipe with a double interlock fire suppression system.
  • Access control: Multiple levels of physical security systems, including electronic key scanners at entrances to control entry and access at all interior and exterior doors. Entering the actual data center requires an escort by authorized personnel.
  • Firewalls: Custom firewalls and port filtering are used to protect from intruders and to monitor and prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to systems and data.
  • Processing is powered by highly reliable servers in a VMware VMotion cluster.
  • Primary storage is securely housed on a Pure Storage all SSD SAN, which averages sub millisecond latency.
  • Redundant VM terminal server application stack.
  • Redundant servers for scalability and failover.

In the event that a disruption does occur and service is interrupted, the NOC is monitored 24/7 and Cloud customers notified immediately. Aktion’s NOC staff has the processes in place to monitor server performance and security, as well as perform regular maintenance and updates.



  • All VMs including all data are backed up daily to both local and remote storage.
  • A retention policy of seven days of daily backups and five weeks of weekly backups is in place.



  • Any machine or functional loss (short of a complete loss of the primary data site) can be handled within the primary data center.
  • In the event of a complete loss of the primary data center, all backups are replicated to a secondary site.
  • This site has the capacity to bring all VMs back online.
  • BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) routing is in place to redirect all IP addressing.
Data Center Resize 1

Count on Aktion’s NOC to deliver the uptime, performance, security and reliability you need in a fully managed datacenter. Our engineers’ only focus is to keep your data available and secure so you can focus on the everyday demands of expanding your business, managing costs and increasing revenues.



  • Expertise: Aktion engineers specialize in creating an optimal environment
  • Maximize uptime: Redundant architecture for a highly reliable environment (Power/Firewall/Internet/Storage)
  • Server hardware/firmware management
  • OpEx vs CapEx: Eliminate the capital expense of investing in on-premise servers
  • Economies of Scale: Grow your business without hardware limitations
  • Improve Flexibility: Add or remove applications, databases, users and workloads as needed
  • Managed Backup: Local and offsite backup
  • PCI compliant
  • Network/security audits


Other Services

  • Host Windows, Linux, and System I workloads
  • Full management of High Availability software
  • Aktion Sync Cloud Sharing and Cloud Backup – choose these services if you’d like to implement Cloud file sharing and collaboration and Cloud file backup. This service includes the following capabilities:
    • File backup with unlimited version retention
    • Shared server folder publishing with client agents for remote access
    • Project Folder Sharing and Collaboration (allows you to invite others outside your company)
    • Outlook client for sending large file attachments
    • Mobile apps for file sharing with field personnel (Apple, Android and Windows Phone)
  • Customer Site to Data Center VPN
  • Spam filtering, email continuity and archiving – whether your email is hosted or on an in-house exchange server, we can help eliminate spam, attached viruses and provide email archiving for legal compliance.
  • Essential, Proactive or Ultimate IT Care to monitor, manage and support on premise PCs and Servers.
  • Aktion Mobile360 mobile device security and management allows us to configure, monitor, Geo Track and manage company owned mobile phones and tablets from Apple and Android.
  • Project work such as application integration, upgrades, or custom development

Aktion’s thoughtful approach to providing Managed Care to a diverse customer set resulted in a unique portfolio of offerings that allow you – the customer – the freedom to choose the option that aligns with your technology strategy and supports your business direction.


The portfolio is comprised of four diverse offerings. These offerings provide a level of service and maintenance that address our customers’ varied technical requirements.


Aktion Essential IT Care is targeted towards the value conscience business that needs to keep costs to a minimum. With basic monitoring and several ala-a-carte add-on products, this plan can be tailored to fit your specific needs.


Aktion Proactive IT Care  builds on the Essential IT Care plan by including deeper monitoring, automated system maintenance tasks, patch management (Microsoft and select 3rd party products) and our integrated AV Defender anti-virus product.


Aktion Ultimate Remote IT Care ensures the utmost in business stability and reliability. Your single monthly price covers all network, server and workstation support.


Aktion Ultimate On-Site IT Care builds upon the Ultimate Remote IT Care plan by including unlimited on-site support, scheduled time with an on-site engineer and on-site disaster recovery.

Aktion Customer Support

Skilled technology experts are available to quickly and efficiently address your support needs and identify a resolution. Call 888.865.9425

Aktion Hybrid Cloud

Interested in a cloud environment but want to keep some of your applications on premise? With Aktion’s Hybrid Cloud solution, move one or more of your servers and applications to the cloud and we will support your cloud servers and your on-premise equipment.