The A+ Guide to Infor A+: Time Saving Benefits of Using the Graphical User Interfaces

January 7, 2022
Leyla Fazel

Infor A+ Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) also known as A+ WEB creates graphical interpretations of user interfaces allowing users to access their data in a modern web-like format. The GUI environment functions as a point-and-click Windows application with the ability to use dropdown menus, radio buttons, and easily export data into Excel documents.

Exporting in A+ GUI/WEB
By clicking the “Export” button from any of the screen options below you can quickly export the on-screen data to a .csv file.
The pages with “Export” buttons are:

  • Open Order Inquiry
  • Customer Inquiry, Open Invoices
  • Customer Inquiry, Payment History
  • Requisition/PO Inquiry
  • Item Inquiry Transaction History
  • Open Orders by Item
  • Shipped Orders by Item
  • Customer Inquiry Open/Shipped Orders
  • Carrier Order Inquiry
  • Vendor Order Shipment Inquiry
  • Sale Analysis Sales Rep Comparison (Graph and Graph Data only)
  • Sale Analysis Customer Comparison (Graph and Graph Data only)
  • Sale Analysis Sale Analysis Item Comparison (Graph and Graph Data only)
  • Returns Analysis Inquiry
  • Deleted Orders Analysis
  • Work With Special Orders-list of orders
  • Suggested Order Maintenance

There is also an “Export/Graph” button created in Sales Analysis to allow you to export your data to a .csv file and create a graph quickly in Excel.

Example of exported data:

Once in Excel, use F11 to create the graph:

Contact us to get more information on A+ GUI/WEB or have your questions answered on how to set up the export features.