Aktion Happenings

Extending the Life of Your Timberline Investment - Website Sub Article (262x131)
Learn how to extend the functionality of your Sage software.
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   – Steve Handly
Managing IT Infrastructure in the Construction Industry - Website Sub Article (262x131) 2
Understanding and managing IT infrastructure in the Construction industry.
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   – Steve Rogers
Overall Construction IT Assessment - Website Sub Article (262x131)
Technology challenges in the Construction industry.
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   – Paul Bachran
Sage 100 Contractor & Sage 300 CRE Upgrade Planning - Website Main Article (410x263) 2
Everything you need to know about upgrade planning for your Sage application. 
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   – Chris Elekonich
SSO Success in the Sage Customer Base - Website Sub Article (262x131)
Improving customer satisfaction with Sage Service Operations (SSO.)
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   – Steve Handly

Viewpoint Announcement – NCA Strategy

Viewpoint Announcement, NCA Strategy - Website Main Article (410x263)1

Scott Irwin, Aktion Associates CEO, explains Aktion’s partnership with Viewpoint and strategy within the construction industry.

– Scott Irwin

30 Years as a VAR in the Construction Industry

30 years as a VAR in Construction Industry - Website Main Article (410x263) 1

Over the course of these last 30 years, several different software providers have held the leading position in the construction industry. This progression primarily occurred as a result of advances in technology.

– Scott Irwin

AskAktion – Modernize Sage Applications in the Cloud 

Modernize Sage Applications in the Cloud - Website Main Article (410x263)

Answering questions from leaders at Construction firms about architecting a modern IT infrastructure.

– Tony Wilson

What You Can Expect With Sage SQL Estimating

Estimating Migration Pervasive to SQL - Website Main Article (410x263)

Sage SQL Estimating has undergone a major refresh of the user interface, organizing tasks in a more logical manner and allowing estimators to be more efficient when preparing their estimates.

   – Tim Cooke 

Estimating Product Update with eTakeoff 

Estimating Product Update with eTakeoff - Website Main Article (410x263)

A digital takeoff solution like eTakeoff Dimension can simplify your takeoff process.

– Tim Cooke