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Aberdeen Report: The Cost of Doing Nothing

ERP upgrade: Why doing nothing isn’t an option Get the full story in a free report by Aberdeen Group. Download the Whitepaper If you’re not sure which ERP solution can best meet your needs, doing nothing may seem to be your best bet. But according to Aberdeen Group, new ERP technology can boost your business … Continued


Roadmap for an EPR Solution

Thinking about taking a bold step to improve your IT infrastructure?   Where does your company stand in this continually evolving landscape of steep market challenges and emerging opportunities? Are obstacles, such as managing integration and the seemingly constant need for the latest updates, distracting you from your business goals? Are changes in customer expectations … Continued


Seven steps for building a digital strategy for distribution

Every wholesale distributor faces increasing pressure to adopt a digital strategy for confronting massive disruption in the industry. Unfortunately, according to a recent survey by MDM, the approach most distributors take in developing an overall digital strategy is very reactive, with only 31% approaching their digital needs with a “comprehensive strategy that includes all types … Continued


Acumatica for Construction

“KPIs are a standard business management tool that is becoming both more powerful and at the same time easier to use thanks to packaged Business Intelligence and Executive Information System applications that are part of comprehensive backoffice software.” Our free Key Performance Indicators for Construction will introduce you to: The types of KPIs—and when to … Continued


Acumatica Field Service Management – Improve Profits and Customer Loyalty

If your company provides service for installed equipment and machinery in customer locations, download this white paper to learn how field service may be a requirement for supporting your products, but it can also be a profit center that improves customer satisfaction at the same time.

IBM Silver Business Partner 2017

All-flash Arrays Can Fit Within Hybrid Storage Infrastructures

With the ever-­‐increasing amount of data being stored and that data’s ever-­‐increasing importance to staying competitive,
the days of the single tier of storage infrastructure are, possibly, long past. A one-­‐size-­‐fits-­‐all approach is simply too costly
and too inefficient.