Sage eTakeoff Brochure

Powerful, versatile, yet easy to use, eTakeoff provides estimators the tools needed to greatly improve the takeoff process.


eTakeoff­®Dimension, an electronic quantity takeoff­ product distributed by Sage, significantly increases accuracy, productivity, and speed over traditional paper or manual takeoff­ methods.


This powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use tool provides estimators sophisticated assembly capabilities, extensive Microsoft®Excel integration, and time-saving features like Pattern Search to greatly improve the takeoff­ process. When integrating with Sage Estimating, eTakeoff­ Bridge* helps you improve your estimating productivity even more as you seamlessly move from takeoff­ to building your estimate.


The Marriage of eTakeoff and Sage Estimating


  • Boost estimating capacity and numbers confidence.
  • Produce faster, more accurate estimates.
  • Cut printing costs and estimate review time.
  • Protect against miscommunication errors.
  • Get up and running quickly through easy-to-learn software and helpful training tools.
  • Experience increased productivity with enhanced integration between eTakeoff­ Dimension, eTakeoff­ Bridge, and Sage Estimating

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