PayApps for General Contractors

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PayApps + Aktion Associates

Payapps is a dynamic provider of modern cloud-based solutions focused on the construction sector. Our technology is used by small, medium and large sized general contractors, and their subcontractors, which is fast becoming the solution of choice for the global construction market.

Payapps is focused exclusively on solving billing and compliance problems for the construction industry. Bridging the gap between multiple organizations and stakeholders by providing an easy-to-use, online collaboration platform that allows businesses to prepare, submit, assess and certify applications for payment in real time.


Download this brochure to learn how Payaps is managing the entire construction project payment application and approval process.

How Will It Benefit Your Business?


DISPUTE REDUCTIONS – Transparency and standard workflow significantly reduces the risk of payment disputes


IMPROVES CASH FLOW – Dramatically reduces the risk of payment disputes and the associated cash flow consequences


REDUCES PROJECT RISK – Delivers a real time risk assessment process across all applications and projects


DELIVERS ACCURACY & AUDITABILITY – Ensures absolute accuracy of data and the ability to access historical information, and modification reasons instantly


IMPROVES SUPPLY CHAIN COLLABORATION – Delivers true transparency of information and processes between the contractor and subcontractors


QUICK RETURN ON INVESTMENT – Low cost of entry and smooth implementation; returns are enjoyed almost immediately

Mobile Friendly Collaboration Tool

Payapps is a web-based software application, so it works across all devices, allowing you to manage your contracts, whenever you need to, where ever you are.


Designed for the construction industry, it’s very simple to use, allowing both applicants and respondents to complete payment and approval forms accurately, in compliance with common law contracts.


With Payapps, suppliers are able to quickly and efficiently, submit applications for work completed, as contractually specified, in a standardized format.


Every application and approval submitted, includes all required details and attachments, and clearly outlines how each one has been calculated.